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Things you can do about your lock concerns and issues are found on this page.

  • Change lost house keys

    Lost house keys are a troublesome matter, especially if they have been stolen and are not lost. In this case, Locksmith Valencia suggests immediate lock rekey and key change so that you can avoid burglaries with the use of your own keys. Don't just replace the original key because you will accomplish nothing since, burglars will still be able to enter.

  • Don't force the key if it doesn't fit

    If the key doesn't fit in the lock, don't force it because it might break and you'll be locked out or in. in such situations, being gentle and lubricating the lock is important. Work the key back and forward or call our specialists for key replacement.

  • Rekey your locks

    If you cannot afford lock replacement, at least rekey the locks. You will have new keys and so you won't encounter problems related to old and worn keys. Lock rekey is an excellent idea for those moving to a new house or office and want to ensure that no one has their keys.

  • Make sure all windows are secure, too

    We all have a tendency of getting good security door locks and leave the windows with simple latches. This is not actually very smart since intruders could easy break in through windows, too. There are great locks for windows according to Locksmith Valencia.

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