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You will find answers to frequently asked questions on defects in locks on this page. Learn what to do with them! Find out how to choose the best door and match the best locks! Get the answers you were searching for here.

What is the best door?

How long is a piece of string? The experts at locksmith Valencia recommend that you aim for security first then durability and finally style. A solid door should be at least 45mm thick. Check out the mortice because this is what determines your level of security. Ensure that all the hinges and frames are in top condition at all times.

Do I really need fancy molding?

It all depends on whether you are focused on style. It is advisable that the architrave should not be placed too near the top of the frame. This is because you need a clear 17mm next to the door. This is particularly important when you are fitting a London bar or changing the latch.

Are security alarms a substitute for locks?

It all depends on whether you blindly believe in the power of wireless technology. Normally we would recommend that you get both because one is audio and the other is physical so you are fully covered. In any case good old fashioned locks work very well.

Should I utilize WD-40 to lubricate my home locks?

Our experts do not recommend the use of WD-40 in lubricating your locks as this will interact with water and can cause corrosion over time. We recommend the use of a silicon-based product in lubricating your locks.

Can I still trust conventional locking systems?

Simply put, you most definitely can still trust the more conventional locking mechanisms out there. They continue to do their job and also continue to be a very reliable and affordable choice for anyone worried about their home’s overall security. While high-grade locking systems are better overall, it does not take away the usefulness of conventional locks.

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