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Did You Know You Can Finally Put An End To Losing Your Keys All The Time

02/16/2014 Back To Blog

Isn’t it annoying when you have to dedicate at least half an hour of your precious time each day every day trying to locate your keys? The funny thing is that in most of these cases the keys usually come in absurdly large bundle additionally ornamented with smaller and larger key chain pendants and similar.You Can Finally Put An End To Losing Your Keys All The Time

Well if you are among those fortunate ones that seem to misplace their home keys, car keys, office keys, bolt keys …whenever they go then we have a perfect suggestion for you. What you should do is contact your residential locksmith service provider or commercial locksmith contractor and check if they can replace all of your keys with just one universal or master key.

Master key – pros

The major benefit that comes from opting for one universal key for all your doors is somewhat given – you would be having just one key. This one key option is definitely very practical solution, especially if you are very busy person in charge of number of various key doors. If you have a key for your office, key for your garage door, key for your office garage door, key for your summer home, key for your car, key for your other car and so on you can definitely benefit from replacing all of those keys with just one unique key. Once you start losing the count of number of keys you are in charge of, then you should start looking for the appropriate key solution, if not sooner.

One key; thousand locks – cons

Now, if you are kind of person that is in charge of lots of keys and still has a tendency to misplace the same then having the master key or unique key may present itself as much a bad thing as a good thing. Having number of different keys and misplacing one or two of them means having to take care of that door, that lock and that key. Having just one universal key for all your doors and locks and then misplacing it means disaster.

Before you decide what kind of person are you and should you be trusted with universal key make sure to contact your residential locksmith company. If your company provides services like emergency residential locksmith, 24 hour residential locksmith, residential Lock change, residential lock rekey, residential lock repair…the odds they will have this service available for you as well are very high.

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